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Posted by David Guertin on Dec 15, 2014 12:24:35 PM

Students often ask us when is the best time to pick up Firecracker, and one of the most commonly expressed feelings is they wish they'd started earlier. Picking up this software early on in your studies allows you to more easily review all of the testable facts and concepts, and complete many more practice questions. Our membership reports best results on Step 1 after long-term use of Firecracker (see graph below). You can trust the data, and hear what Firecracker members have to say too!


"I wish I had started using Firecracker from day 1 of school. When I use Firecracker, it really helps me integrate concepts and keep important details in place in my mind. Since Firecracker is more about long-term study than cramming, starting early would have really improved my ability in med school!" - Otto, Midwestern 2016

"I started using Firecracker towards the end of my first semester as an M1. If I had started using it earlier it would have helped, for example, to keep the entire semester's material for our MCB class fresh for our cumulative final. Overall I'm glad I still discovered it relatively early in the game." - Victoria, Creighton 2017

"I wish I started Firecracker earlier so I could have retained all the biochemistry and anatomy I learned first semester. Now I feel like I need to relearn everything over the summer!" - Patricia, NSU-COM 2017

"Firecracker does wonders for me. Had I started it earlier, I would have done significantly better in school, and I am positive that it will ultimately do wonders for me in Step 1. FC has a special way of solidifying information in your brain, where seemingly difficult ideas become common knowledge for Firecrackers." - Yanal, IMG 2016

"I wish I started using firecracker earlier because it would have helped me do better on my exams." - Parvin, Rowan SOM 2017

"If I had started earlier, I would have a much less stressful Step 1 studying period!" - Andy, UCLA 2016

"Over time, it just works! Would have been able to master much much more if I started my first year (instead of second). Will be using as I approach my comp exam this year! As a carribean med student I need to prove myself when I get back to the states to do rotations. With firecracker, especially when using the "legendary" more detailed mode- I know I will make a good impression! Firecracker has been essential to my studies and I recommend all med students use it, the earlier the better!" - Sarah, IMG 2016

"Reading First Aid has been great, but anytime one can incorporate straight-forward questions to facilitate learning, it makes things easier. I certainly enjoy the repetition that Firecracker provides, and as cliche as it sounds, I wish I would've started this program much sooner!" - Jordan, MUSC 2016

"It just works. Like everyone else, I wish I had started it earlier, but the repetition of core, high yield facts coupled with context is huge. By context I mean not just the definition, but usually several paragraphs explaining the concept and related concepts." - David, American University of the Caribbean 2018

"I have used Firecracker since the beginning, when it was gunnertraining. I have had nothing but success using this system. All the topics are current and up to date based on literature. I have yet to find a better and more affordable study tool during my 4 years of medical school." - Matt, Nova Southeastern 2014

"It's great. I love the learning platform, you guys provide very active support and seem to be constantly making improvements, and the price is fair for what you're providing. I wish I'd started sooner." - Jag, IMG 2013

"I've already suggested it to numerous people. I wish someone would've suggested it to me when I started med school. This is by far the most effective way for me to study AND memorize important concepts in medicine." - Ryan, SGU 2016

"Had I started using Firecracker earlier I would have been able to synchronize topics studied in school with those on FC, which would have in turn kept them fresh in memory, and would have ultimately saved plenty of effort preparing for Step 1!" - Yazan, IMG 2015

"I've used Firecracker pretty much every day since first semester of first year. I feel like I have a strong base in all subjects, and I'm ready for the final push of studying before Step One." - Zach, Ben Guiron University 2016

Now is an especially great time to crack down and do questions on Firecracker; you can save hundreds on subscriptions via our year-end discount deals and hit the ground running with your health education in 2015! Unleash the cracken!

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