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Posted by Drew Bibby on Aug 15, 2017 10:26:16 AM

Each month, students answer millions of questions in Firecracker..but which school has the fiercest Firecrackers? That’s what we want to find out with Med School Madness, a tournament-style contest to see which school can answer the most flashcard questions in Firecracker over the next 7 weeks - to October 3rd.

The competition will start with a qualifying round of round-robin play. From this starting group, we'll narrow the field of competitors down to 128, split into 4 different brackets based on school size. So don’t worry if your school only has 20 students, we’re not putting you up against a school with 2000. The race starts today. We’re only counting and showing activity from August 15th going forward. After 7 weeks, 4 schools will be crowned the winners, with each receiving $1000 for their selected charity and an on-campus party thrown by Firecracker. 

How do you participate? You alreadyare! We’re already tracking flashcards totals at 160+ schools. So tell your classmates to get crackin' on their daily assignments to seal victory for your school. Keep track of your school's standing throughout the tournament by visiting the Med Madness page, If you don’t see your school there, email drew@firecracker.me to add it. 

Get crackin’ because this qualifying round will only last 2 weeks - until August 28th, then the tournament begins! If you want to set up an instructional webinar on how to use Firecracker, we'd be happy to do that to give you an edge!

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