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Posted by Sean Horgan on Aug 17, 2015 6:53:46 PM
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I’m Sean, the Head of Product at Firecracker.  I’m writing to give you an update on transitioning to the new Firecracker. In short, as long as you don’t mind dealing with a few missing things / bugs, no problem. Come on over. But, if you don’t like the lack of the following, please give us a few more days:

  1. Updating your study plan (target score and test date) after on-boarding.  

  2. Switching your test focus, e.g. DO students who want to switch from USMLE Step 1 to COMLEX Level 1 and access OMM content

  3. Marking past content down to the topic level during study plan creation.  You can currently mark past content to the sub-subject but we’ve found that this has resulted in too many questions in some cases (we’re looking at you microbio bacteria!).

For those that haven’t kept up with all the emails, you can read all about our new Firecracker MD and Firecracker DO products on our blog post.  Our resident data scientist, Elliott Bartsch, just published a thorough explanation of our Adaptive Recommendation Algorithm and a blog post that highlights a few key differences between Firecracker Legacy and Firecracker MD / Firecracker DO.  

We released these new products to new students first so that we could fully plan and test the transition process for experienced students like yourself. Last week 200 of you helped us test every element of the transition from Legacy to Firecracker MD / Firecracker DO.  We’re close - but we have some additional features launching this week that we think will significantly improve the transition process. If you want a more seamless transition, we think you should wait a few days and we’ll send you an update early next week. But, if you’re really itching to get into it today, then we’re ready for you.

If you’re one of the brave, the bold who want to dive right in, please read through this Firecracker Transition Guide. It’ll tell you what you need to know - the key differences between Legacy Firecracker and the new products, and it will take you through your account setup step by step. Remember, this is totally optional; we hope that you’ll try these new products and that you’ll love them, but if you want to stick with Legacy, that’s fine too. Totally up to you.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue to make the new Firecracker even better by releasing new iOS and Android apps, supporting adaptive question recommendations, reintroducing our question bank, allowing you to search topics, create your own custom topics & questions, and a whole host of other features you guys have asked for.

So if you’ve read our announcements, emails, blogs, and FAQs and are ready to make the move, just head on over to our Firecracker Transition Guide to get started. If you run into any issues or have some great feature ideas, please contact us - we love to hear from you.

Sean Horgan

Head of Product, Firecracker


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