Incoming First-year Checklist

Posted by David Guertin on Jun 8, 2016 1:14:16 PM

Firecracker is a platform to help medical students keep up with classwork and excel on boards - it's free to try for 7 days, you can sign up here.

Historically, many of Firecracker's highest-performing members have used our platform for the long-term, staring in their first year of medical school. Our product is designed to help you kill two birds with one stone, simultaneously mastering the concepts and facts you need to know for your classes, as well as what you'll ultimately be tested on for your board licensing exams. First-year medical students ask us all the time when they should get crackin for best results, so I've written up this brief checklist for incoming M1 students:

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What if I can't consistently complete my review tasks?

Posted by Keith Frankel on Dec 11, 2015 3:08:32 PM

Earlier, I wrote a post about how long you should spend on your daily review questions. (If you didn’t see that, the answer is 3-5 questions each minute.) I’ve since received amazing feedback from students saying that following this recommendation has made completing their daily review tasks much easier. However, some students still worry that they may find it difficult to consistently complete their daily review tasks over time. In these cases – when you’re unable to commit to Firecracker consistently – what should you do? 

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Time Management 101: Defining Time

Posted by Adnan Khera on Jul 27, 2015 1:35:09 PM



"...if only you could perceive time as I do. Please let me show you."

- Dr Manhattan, Watchmen



After my work day, it is not uncommon for me to sit around at the hospital for hours before going home. Despite this type of perceived time waste, I am efficient. If I would be doing the same thing at home as I am at work, what difference does my location make? It's just a matter of time valuation and how you think about it.

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