Enhancing your Efficiency to Ramp up Retention

Posted by David Guertin on Jun 23, 2017 4:52:45 PM

Although Firecracker is a very comprehensive resource offering thousands of all-original board-style practice clinical vignettes, tens of thousands of direct recall questions and in-depth topics with citations for everything you need to know, most students actually report saving time when they use Firecracker for their studies. We've optimized our mobile app for speed, and recently implemented some new features on the web, including the ever-popular Shot Clock, to help you crush questions quickly. Here, we'll break down best practices for studying efficiently with Firecracker, which is available at an excellent sale price this month:

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Dedicated Test Prep Mode on Your iPhone

Posted by David Guertin on Mar 16, 2017 11:39:57 AM

Dedicated Test Prep mode (DTP) is now live in our iOS app for iPad and iPhone users. For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, DTP Mode is designed specifically for use during the final 30 to 90 days before your big board exam. It transitions your studying to better align with how the most successful students spend their final few weeks. In DTP Mode you’ll shift your focus to working through Firecracker’s Q-bank on a subject by subject basis, with follow up remediation tasks to fill in any weak areas. Plus, at the end of each week we’ll assign you a single practice block for your upcoming board exam, which you can take to get comfortable with the exam format and see how prepared you are relative to your peers.

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NEW: Exams in Our iOS App

Posted by Emily Baillieul on Mar 3, 2017 2:10:43 PM

Greetings! We've just released version 3.1 of our iOS app. With this release, you can now take exams on your mobile Apple device! Just open up the menu and select take and exam...

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Firecracker Daily Review Mobile App Review

Posted by David Guertin on Jan 7, 2017 4:51:01 PM

Over the past couple of years, Firecracker members from all walks of life have asked us to build out native app functionality for just about every device. Since our membership keeps us moving, we've taken a page out of The Who's songbook and decided that we're Going Mobile. You can now download the Firecracker Daily Review mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as for Apple Watch, totally free! Firecracker Daily Review parallels our website's interface and feature set, allows you to make progress on your studies while offline, and synchronizes with our website. In addition to the offline functionality, our mobile app also features popular new functionalities including Night ModeHigh Yield Mode and Read-to-Me. We have received some really rave reviews thus far, and I've chosen a few of my favorites from the App Store and Google Play to showcase here:

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Happy Firecracker Fourth!

Posted by David Guertin on Jun 30, 2016 5:36:46 PM

Every year when Independence Day rolls around, medical students ask us what we're doing for the holiday. This year, since the Fourth of July falls on a Monday, we will be taking the day off (as a result, our customer service will be limited during this long weekend). We hope that you'll still get a chance to study on Firecracker's platform this weekend, and we're also running a special giveaway promotion for any Firecracker members who want to participate. 

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Adding Firecracker to Your 'Today' Screen

Posted by David Guertin on Jun 22, 2016 4:24:37 PM

iPhone and iPad users have access to something called the Today Widget, you’re probably already using it. You pull down from the top of your screen (locked or not) and you get a quick roster of updates for today:

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Android Review App

Posted by Keith Frankel on Mar 1, 2016 12:18:37 PM

Today, we’re finally able to announce the launch of the ‘Firecracker Daily Review’ Android app, a companion app for use alongside the core Firecracker MD and Firecracker DO desktop experiences. You can download it for free straight from the Play store. Just search ‘Firecracker Daily Review’. Or click here.

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Announcing the Firecracker Daily Review App

Posted by Keith Frankel on Dec 15, 2015 4:47:48 PM

After months of back and forth with Apple, dozens of adjustments and performance enhancements, and a hell of a lot more grey hair (mine, not Apple’s), a native iOS app is finally here. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of ‘Firecracker Daily Review’, a companion app for use alongside the core Firecracker MD and Firecracker DO desktop experiences.

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An update on our mobile apps

Posted by Sean Horgan on Oct 29, 2015 9:50:36 AM

When we launched Firecracker MD and Firecracker DO in August, we planned to release dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android devices shortly after.  Unfortunately, we ran into two delays and we want to give everyone an update on our mobile apps as we know how important they are to you.

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