Deals and Discounts this Season

Posted by David Guertin on Aug 7, 2017 7:40:26 PM

This year, we’re taking two approaches to offering Firecracker to students. First - the individual discounts. Second - the group discount. They can be used together. Here’s how it works.

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Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Posted by Keith Frankel on Aug 4, 2017 5:22:50 PM

1 year of Firecracker for $180 through August.

At Firecracker, one of the goals of our product team is to release improvements to the platform as frequently as possible, with our ideal release cadence being every week or two. And rather than charge our users an additional fee for access to each new feature we improve or launch, we automatically grandfather all existing users into all new features. We figure since you committed to us, it’s the least we could do. So with that said, we’re excited to preview a few upcoming features which we’ll be launching this month.

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How this Firecracker member scored a 526 on MCAT

Posted by David Guertin on May 23, 2017 12:45:31 PM

Firecracker has quickly become one of the most popular resources for medical students to use alongside coursework and to prepare for their major exams, and we've built out comprehensive content for Premedical years and MCAT into the same proven software. Not only do premedical students get full access to Firecracker via the mobile app and website to supplement their studies, the MCAT program is entirely free! When premedical students find out about this, they often respond by telling us we're "the best-kept secret in the test prep world." Oliver, whose voice is here in italics, is a premed at Baylor who wanted to crush his MCAT, and found Firecracker useful in achieving a near perfect score:

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Firecracker for Finals

Posted by Christian Wishka on Dec 20, 2016 1:52:10 PM

The semester is coming to an end, and it probably feels like two days ago that you just began! Assuming finals aren’t also in two days, we have some advice for getting you where you need to be to succeed. If you don’t already have a Firecracker membership, sign up here. We're also having a webinar demo covering how to use Firecracker for Finals this Thursday May 11 at 2:00 p.m. EDT, please join us!

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Firecracker High Yield for Step 2

Posted by Keith Frankel on Aug 26, 2016 1:40:06 PM

We recently launchedFirecracker High Yield for Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1, new additions to both Firecracker MD and DO that allow students to focus on a smaller subsection of the most important content. Since then, we’ve been a bit overwhelmed by the number of requests for a similar High Yield option for Step 2, so we decided to put a rush on it, and today we’re excited to announce the release of High Yield Step 2.

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An Upcoming Change

Posted by Keith Frankel on Aug 25, 2016 12:29:20 PM

We launched Firecracker MD and DO in August of last year. Since then, the breadth of features, quality of content, and accuracy of the algorithm-driven recommendation engine have expanded substantially, all without an increase to our price. Starting in September, though, we are going to be slightly increasing the permanent price of Firecracker (a bit more on that below). But before we do that, we want to give as many students as possible the chance to get Firecracker at a lower price. So, for the final days of August, we’re dropping our base price to the lowest it has ever been$180 for 1 year for all M1's & M2's.

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Firecracker from Step 1 to Step 2

Posted by David Guertin on Jul 12, 2016 4:27:54 PM

Firecracker members have consistently crushed their boards since day one, and in recent years we have made huge strides in developing world-class content for clinical rotations, USMLE Step 2, and Shelf exams. You can use the same Firecracker account to conveniently transition into your clinical year studies after completing Step 1, and here's how: 

1. Go to your Account and Settings page via the navigation panel on the left side of Firecracker's webpage. Scroll down to the "Path to Success" section, and select the new Test you are preparing for from the dropdown menu. Adjust your Goal score and Exam date as needed, and make sure you click the "Save Study Plan Changes" button: 

2. Firecracker will automatically adjust your Today's To-Do's recommendations according to whichever Test you are preparing for. When browsing content on the Study Something Specific page, you'll find that Step 2 materials are now the default there as well. You can still easily access our pre-clinical content for review.

3. On the Take an Exam page, you'll find timed practice exams in our board-style exam interface to help you prepare for your Shelf Exams and USMLE Step 2: 

4. Firecracker's authors and editors wrote up this guide on how to make the most of our platform during your clinical rotations, and I recorded this in-depth video demonstration for clinical year success strategies.

5. In the last 30-90 days before your Step 2 test date, activate Dedicated Test Prep Mode in Firecracker. We released this upgrade only two months ago, and about 500 medical students are currently using our Dedicated Test Prep Mode for USMLE Step 2.

I hope you found this guide helpful for transitioning to your clinical years with Firecracker, and as always, please don't be shy to ask us any questions you have. All the best,

David J. Guertin

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Incoming First-year Checklist

Posted by David Guertin on Jun 8, 2016 1:14:16 PM

Firecracker is a platform to help medical students keep up with classwork and excel on boards - it's free to try for 7 days, you can sign up here.

Historically, many of Firecracker's highest-performing members have used our platform for the long-term, staring in their first year of medical school. Our product is designed to help you kill two birds with one stone, simultaneously mastering the concepts and facts you need to know for your classes, as well as what you'll ultimately be tested on for your board licensing exams. First-year medical students ask us all the time when they should get crackin for best results, so I've written up this brief checklist for incoming M1 students:

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What Are Students Studying in Dedicated Prep

Posted by Emily Baillieul on May 13, 2016 4:56:47 PM

Earlier this week we released Dedicated Test Prep Mode on Firecracker, for users who are < 90 days away from a board exam. As of this writing, over 600 students are using Dedicated Test Prep Mode and here are the Step 1 topics they are studying:

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Android Review App

Posted by Keith Frankel on Mar 1, 2016 12:18:37 PM

Today, we’re finally able to announce the launch of the ‘Firecracker Daily Review’ Android app, a companion app for use alongside the core Firecracker MD and Firecracker DO desktop experiences. You can download it for free straight from the Play store. Just search ‘Firecracker Daily Review’. Or click here.

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