We're celebrating with a Flash Sale!

Posted by Kirsten Watrud on Aug 29, 2019 11:47:50 AM

Cuts, scrapes and bruises are just a fact of life, but we do everything we can to keep your studies ship shape. That’s why we’ve added citations for First Aid 2019 to Firecracker. They are live NOW and we're celebrating with a FLASH SALE!

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How this Firecracker scored 255 on USMLE Step 1 and 734 on COMLEX Level 1

Posted by David Guertin on Jan 18, 2018 12:20:17 PM

Dallin, a third-year medical student at Des Moines University, used Firecracker throughout year two of medical school to accomplish a few goals simultaneously; retaining information learned in class, preparing for USMLE, and shoring up osteopathic manipulative medicine knowledge that is emphasized on COMLEX. The Firecracker DO program includes comprehensive content and practice questions for every concept and fact that is fair game to be tested on both COMLEX and USMLE combined. The content is all originally authored, and indexed neatly to leave no doubt which materials are relevant for which exam(s) and classes/Clerkships. Dallin accounts how supplementing coursework with Firecracker, Uworld, and Combank was the perfect recipe for two tremendous board scores in one week:

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Students' Pro Tips

Posted by David Guertin on Dec 27, 2017 4:18:34 PM

Want to study like the most successful medical students do? Of course you do! We've compiled here a set of video tutorials recorded by medical students, for medical students, which delve into exam preparation skills and recommendations for successful studying. If you'd like to read some guides authored by students, we went ahead and put together this collection of winter break studying champions' experiences.

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How this D.O. student used Firecracker en route to board scores of 252 on Step 1 and 800 on COMLEX!

Posted by David Guertin on Jul 21, 2017 10:57:43 AM

Ed: We're having one last sale on Firecracker before Back to School season starts in earnest. 1 year for $150, 2 years for $250. We hope you'll join us. Subscribe.

Firecracker D.O. is built for osteopathic medical students who want to kill two birds with one stone and crush every major challenge in sight; COMLEX and USMLE, COMATs, classes, and clinical Clerkships. We've recently rebuilt our osteopathy materials to address the most up to date COMLEX standards with comprehensive OMM content for the Shelf, and tons of newly published questions. More D.O. students than ever before are now taking USMLE as well, and balancing both board exams is easier than ever in Firecracker. Matthew, a third-year at PCOM, describes here how he was able to leverage the Firecracker D.O. platform in preparation for some stupendous success:

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COMLEX L2 on Firecracker

Posted by Emily Baillieul on Jun 14, 2017 3:46:17 PM

Following our release of the new COMLEX L1 product on Firecracker, the Firecracker content and engineering team has released COMLEX L2. If you're an existing Firecracker DO user you'll find it under your content drop down on Study Something Specific:

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High Yield Demonstration

Posted by David Guertin on Aug 17, 2016 4:01:08 PM

Greetings! We've recorded a demonstration of the new High Yield Firecracker. Available now for Step 1 and COMLEX, High Yield is a slimmer version of Firecracker that allows you to quickly catch up on the highest yield content, or to ramp up to full Firecracker gradually. If you have any questions about this, please let me know! David@firecracker.me

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Substantiated Summer Study Strategies for Success

Posted by David Guertin on Apr 25, 2016 3:47:50 PM

"How should I use Firecracker over the summer?" 

It's a question we've started receiving quite a bit. Over time, we’ve compiled dozens of in-depth study plans, tens of thousands of verified score reports, and a few hundred million questions completed to provide accurate recommendations for best practices. Still, some of the most illustrative insights into effective study strategies are best directly provided by our valued users. Below are some personal experiences that some of the most successful Firecracker members have shared regarding how to use Firecracker over the summer:

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Firecracker Step 1 and COMLEX Performance Analysis

Posted by Elliott Bartsch on Nov 20, 2015 6:52:28 PM

In August 2014 and again in October 2015 we surveyed medical students - Firecrackers and non-Firecrackers - about their test performance and scores. Through this initiative, we gathered USMLE Step 1 scores (actual score reports) from 1,115 students and COMLEX scores from 180 students. We’ve used this data to update our 2014 analysis on the efficacy of Firecracker for boosting exam scores. These are the results - including (for the first time!) results on Firecracker usage and COMLEX outcomes.

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How this medical student used Firecracker to ace both USMLE and COMLEX

Posted by David Guertin on Apr 30, 2015 9:22:14 PM

Jared, a third-year osteopathic medical student at Touro COM in New York, used Firecracker effectively on an accelerated schedule while simultaneously preparing for USMLE and COMLEX. The vast majority of osteopathic medical students must now take both exams before graduating. While our data indicates the best performing students start using this software early, Jared has proven that condensing Firecracker’s material into a shorter period of time can yield fantastic results as well! If you’re considering using Firecracker during crunch time leading up to your exam date(s), then why not take a page out of a student's book who already crushed USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1? Jared shares how he geared up to ace his major exams below:

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