'Tis the Season to Get Crackin'

Posted by David Guertin on Dec 23, 2016 1:00:45 PM

Winter break is upon us, and students are asking us how to maximize productivity while balancing leisure time with friends and family. This time of year tends to be one of the most popular times for medical students to diligently dive into Firecracker.  Whether you can hardly believe you made it through your first semester of medical school, or you're seeing that board exam date looming on the horizon, there's no better New Year's resolution than a regular review routine:

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"I wish I started Firecracker earlier so I could have retained all the biochemistry and anatomy I learned first semester." - Patricia, Nova Southeastern class of 2017

The study habits you build during your break will allow you to solidify your knowledgebase and fill in any gaps before getting back to your medical school courses or clerkships. To ensure what you've learned so far in preclinical classes is not totally forgotten, start reviewing those concepts and facts sooner rather than later. Our spaced repetition algorithm will help you keep the highest-yield information at the forefront of your attention to prevent the pain of forgetting and re-learning it all over again later on. 


"Firecracker is great at keeping me up to date on topics, it's great for a rapid review, it keeps reviewing information from first semester to now. The interface is easy to use. The amount of information provided is more than First Aid but less than a text books so its a perfect place for quick reference." - Kristyn, Ross University class of 2017

Winter break is a great time for you to review what you've learned this past semester, and the end of the calendar year marks a great time to review what's new in our platform. We've recently released new standalone products designed to complement your clinical rotations, including practice exams to help you prepare for final exams, Shelfs and COMATs. As the new year rolls around, you can look forward to updates in our reference page numbers (which are now available in the Firecracker Daily Review mobile app too) to reflect the newest forthcoming versions of review resources including First Aid, Pathoma, Costanzo's Physiology, etc. 2017 is primed to be a year filled with exciting news, and the Firecracker team is pumped to keep you posted on updates!


Firecracker has evolved over the past few years far beyond flashcards and review content. Our platform now includes timed practice exams for Anatomy & Embryology, Neuroscience, USMLE Step 1, COMLEX Level 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, and all of the Shelf exams. We'll even be implementing our practice exams into the dedicated mobile Firecracker Daily Review app soon too! In addition to these timed practice exams, you can do thousands of untimed clinical vignettes in Firecracker via our Daily Patient Cases and customizable QBank. All of our questions are unique and originally authored, vetted by a team of 60+ MDs, DOs, PhDs, residents, attendings, and third- and fourth-year medical students who have scored in the 95th percentile on their boards in recent years. To help you achieve that same level of success, Dedicated Test Prep Mode now offers even deeper insights to help you objectively understand your subject-by-subject strengths and weaknesses. I hope you'll check out what we've got, and challenge your comfort zone a bit this holiday season!

You can now take advantage of our special holiday sale pricing via this link, available for a limited time only. Please don't be shy to reach out to us at chat@firecracker.me with any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas on what we can improve. Our team will be taking a few days off for Christmas and the New Year, and we hope you'll enjoy the vacation as well. Happy holidays to all, and happy crackin to you!

David J. Guertin
Community Success Specialist at Firecracker 

"I would recommend Firecracker. It is good for the really tough memorizing subjects like pharmacology toxicities, and very thorough but concise lectures in the other subjects I've used it for. The lectures can be speed-read using spreed extension, which is very helpful for descriptive non-bulletpoint subjects because you can review lots of subjects quickly. I used it heavily over winter break for questions, and during the school year i use it because using spreed to read the Firecracker lectures is really efficient!! My cousin used it heavily for questions during school and he swears by it." - Heidi, Rush University class of 2017

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