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Posted by Emily Baillieul on Sep 9, 2016 12:19:03 PM

Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know that as of September 13 this offer is closed. If you really like the idea let us know, we'll bring it back in the future!

We've spent the past year continuing to develop our Q-bank. We now have over 1,500 questions for Step 1/COMLEX exams, and over 1000 questions for the Step 2. We've also used this program to create practice exams for all the boards, and most of the Shelf exams.

This weekend, we're having a 'Streak' sale. First, you can get Firecracker for $200 for 1 year, or $390 for 3 years this weekend (-30% off). Second, if you subscribe this weekend you'll be an automatic participant in the Streak. Anyone who completes their Daily Patient Case everyday for five days in a row will get a further discount/refund on their subscription - 15%, so that's $30 back on the year, $66 back on 2 years, etc.

Daily Patient Cases are from our Q-bank. They're actual patient-diagnostic questions that we select based on the material you've marked to study. It's immediate practice in both diagnosing patients and getting used to USMLE-test style questions.

For users who subscribe this weekend, between September 9 and 12, we'll track your Daily Patient Case streak over the 5 days following your subscription. You don't need to get every question right, but give it a try each day. And if you do get every single one right, well, I'm sure there will be a surprise for you. 

If you'd like to subscribe to participate, start here: Subscribe to the Streak

If you have any questions about this - or if you want to participate but don't see a Daily Patient Case - let us know: 

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