Take advantage of this new download capability with Firecracker’s Export Notes

Posted by Marsha Gelber on Aug 6, 2019 2:14:54 PM

Like thousands of Firecracker users, you probably have added a note within the platform while you study. On one hand, it’s great that there are so many topics covered in Firecracker, but on the other hand, with all of those topics and all of those personal notes, it can be hard to remember where you took them.


Now, with the new Export Notes feature, you can easily find and view your notes all in one place, any time you want, in a downloadable PDF. The download shows notes organized by test/content alignment, subject, and topic for easy viewing. Text, images, and video links appear.


Find Export Notes in the Firecracker Labs section, under the Account and Settings icon. Sound like a feature that can help you study? Noted.


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