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Posted by Emily Baillieul on May 20, 2017 10:27:53 AM

Through May 31st we're having a specific Summer Study Sale: 2 months free for Firecracker this summer.

Many medical students, including incoming medical students, will begin classes in late July or early August. Meaning there are roughly 8 weeks in the summer to use to catch up, or get ahead on the next school year.

Note: we are not recommending you study all summer - rather suggesting some quick ways to bank knowledge while you're (hopefully) enjoying your break.

We have three guides to help you, depending on where you are in your medical eduction.

Summer Catch Up Plan Between MS1 and MS2

For new MS2's. We also have a demonstration of this plan lead by David:

Firecracker Before Medical School - For New M1s

David Guertin lead a demonstration for new medical students, how to set up their Firecracker to use next year with their classes, and how to get a jump on their first class - Anatomy - this summer. View the demo here.

Preparing for Your Clinical Rotations

For students just beginning their Clinical Rotations - we have 7 Clerkships on Firecracker, and David will be leading a demonstration on how to switch over to Step 2CK/Clerkship prep Monday June 5 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

We'll also be hosting a series of webinars for all the plans and use cases over the next few weeks - check out the schedule and sign up here.

For the sale - you can save 40% on Firecracker, and get your 2 free months here.

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