Step by Step: Step 1, Clerkships, Step 2...Residency

Posted by Emily Baillieul on Aug 18, 2017 3:40:06 PM

Through August 21: Get Firecracker for 2 years, $250.

There’s a method to this. Medical school is a marathon rather than a sprint. If you’re taking your Step 1 exam this spring you know you need to begin serious study now so that you will be prepared when you start your dedicated prep period in a few months.

We've been tracking the Step 1 scores of Firecracker and non-Firecracker users for three years. Every year Firecracker users outperform non-users, and by an increasing margin. No other learning tool can claim this. Our most recent data shows Firecracker can raise Step 1 scores by 16 points - that can make all the difference in terms of the residency placement you’re able to achieve.  


After the Step 1, you’re going to have clinical training and the Step 2. Firecracker can help with that two. In addition to the Step 2 we cover 7 Clerkships with study plans, Q-banks, and practice exams. Our data shows that Firecracker can lift your shelf score by 7 points.


For those of you starting clinical rotations this year, you can use Firecracker’s Clerkship and Step 1 programs simultaneously, drop us a line if you’d like some instructions.

Essentially, you’re getting a second year of Firecracker for $70. We hope you’ll join us.

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