See How You Compare: Practice USMLE Step 1

Posted by Emily Baillieul on Feb 12, 2016 4:04:09 PM

Firecracker is free - sign up to try our practice USMLE Step 1 exam and see where you're strong, where you're weak, and how you compare to other students:

In the past year Firecracker has released 8 practice Shelf and Board exams - including a practice USMLE Step 1 exam. This week, to help students using these exams, we’ve released benchmarking: now in your results you can see how your performance compares to that of all other med students at both an aggregate and individual question level - so we can serve you a good snapshot of how your performance compares to that of other medical students actively preparing for USMLE Step 1:

USMLE Step 1 Practice Exam: Your Results and All Student Results

You can also filter your results to see specifically how you compare to students at your school. These results will become richer as more students go through the practice exam.

If you’ve already taken the practice Step 1, you can see your comparative results in the exam portion of your Firecracker account, just check ‘results’. If you haven’t taken the practice exam, you can find it under ‘Take an Exam’ inside ‘Study Something Specific’:

start_exam_1.jpg If you’re not yet a Firecracker member, you can sign up for free and get full access the Firecracker review platform and our 8 practice exams. Good luck with your studies!

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