Previewing Dedicated Test Prep Mode Part 2: Your Mastery Scorecard

Posted by Keith Frankel on Mar 30, 2016 8:25:55 PM
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This is part two of a series previewing the recently announced Dedicated Test Prep Mode in Firecracker.

Last week, we officially announced a major update that will soon be coming to Firecracker, Dedicated Test Prep Mode, which will allow you to continue – or even start – using Firecracker during that last bit of time leading up to your boards (i.e. right before and during your dedicated prep). While the first wave of these features will be released within the next few days (in particular our new Q-bank of 2,200 clinical vignettes), we want to preview another upcoming feature that will help you determine your preparedness for your board exam, as well as what to focus on studying each day: your Mastery Scorecard.


During DTP Mode, the majority of your work will be focused on answering board-style clinical vignettes (CVs) since they will provide the greatest value during your last few weeks of studies. Over time as you answer more CVs, your progress, performance, and estimated knowledge (including peer comparison and margin of error) across subject areas are tracked on your Mastery Scorecard. For each each subject, we represent your estimated knowledge with a dot and an error bar. The dot is our point estimate of your knowledge of a given subject. The width of the error bar is the 95% confidence interval of our estimate. As you answer more CVs, the width of the error bar shrinks, and our point estimate of your knowledge adjusts to reflect our improved accuracy.

In addition to using this graph to determine your relative mastery of each subject in comparison to your peers, you can also use it to highlight which areas you should focus your studies on each day. In Dedicated Test Prep Mode, you’ll be able to choose a specific subject each day, and Firecracker will immediately create all of the tasks you need to complete, including cases to answer, Refresh tasks to cover, and topics to read through. We’ll explain how this system works in greater detail in our next DTP Mode overview.

For those students who have complete or plan to complete U-World before the end of your dedicated board prep, Firecracker's new Dedicated Test Prep Mode - included for free with a Firecracker membership - is the perfect backup resouce to ensure you've mastered everything you need to be successful on your board exam.

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