Previewing Dedicated Test Prep Mode Part 1

Posted by Keith Frankel on Mar 24, 2016 4:57:04 PM
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Q-bank + Focused Remediation

This is part one of a series previewing the recently announced Dedicated Test Prep Mode in Firecracker. You must be a member for access: Sign up for a free 30 day trial of Firecracker.

Earlier this week, we officially announced the upcoming Dedicated Test Prep Mode which will allow you to continue – or even start – using Firecracker during that last bit of time leading up to your boards (i.e. right before and during your dedicated prep). While the entirety of this massive feature set will be released incrementally over the course of the next month, a first wave of features will be launched before the end of next week. Below is an overview of one of the biggest new features coming then: Firecracker’s updated Q-bank of 2,200 clinical vignettes.

By now, most Firecracker students are familiar with our Daily Patient Cases. In fact, in the first two weeks alone, more than 25,000 cases have been attempted. While one of our goals of these daily cases was to begin presenting students with clinical vignettes (CVs) earlier in their studies, another was to begin vetting the quality of our growing library of clinical vignettes that we’ve spent the last several months writing. Now that we’ve received the positive feedback we have, we’re ready to release all 2,200 of our new CVs out into the wild for you to use toward your dedicated board prep.

Soon, you’ll be able to access these CVs directly from Study Something Specific by going to the subject area of the content tree you’re interested in assessing yourself on, selecting the number and type of CVs you want to attempt, and then working through them in the same exam-taking experience you’ll encounter on the actual board exam. When completed, you’ll be able to review your performance on each question, read through the correct/incorrect answer explanations, and mark the topics tested for later review.


Firecracker's Q-bank is unique because the value of these CVs don’t just end once you’ve answered the questions. In addition to having the ability to create a Refresh task that covers the primary topics tested on the CVs you answered incorrectly, Firecracker’s algorithm also takes your performance on all CVs into account, reprioritizing your daily review stack and other tasks accordingly. No other Q-bank or resource is capable of closing the loop between your performance on tests and further remediation and review of the concepts you’re weak on.


These 2,200 CVs will be available before the end of March. Best yet, we will continue to add 30-40 more each week until the end of this year’s dedicated prep period. For those students who have completed or plan to complete U-World before the end of your dedicated board prep, Firecracker’s new Q-Bank – included for free with a Firecracker membership – is the perfect backup resource to ensure you’ve seen enough test-style questions.

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