New in Firecracker: A Q-bank of 2,200 Test-Style Clinical Vignettes

Posted by Keith Frankel on Mar 31, 2016 4:12:21 PM
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New in Firecracker: A Q-bank of 2,200 Test-Style Clinical Vignettes.

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We’re excited to launch the first wave of our new Dedicated Test Prep (DTP) features: Firecracker’s Q-bank of 2,200 test-style clinical vignettes. You can now access these CVs directly from Study Something Specific by going to the subject area of the content tree you’re interested in assessing yourself on, selecting the number and type of CVs you want to attempt, and then working through them in the same exam-taking experience you’ll encounter on the actual board exam.


How is Firecracker’s Q-bank different?

While there are many Q-banks on the market (most notably U-World), Firecracker’s Q-bank is unique in that it helps you close the loop between objective assessment of you knowledge across subject areas and remediation of the foundational concepts being tested. In addition to having the ability to create a Refresh task that covers the primary topics tested on the CVs you answered incorrectly, Firecracker’s algorithm also takes your performance on all CVs into account, reprioritizing your daily review stack and other tasks accordingly. No other Q-bank or resource is capable of closing the loop between your performance on test-style questions and further remediation and review of the concepts you’re weak on.

When you complete your chosen CVs, you’ll be able to review your performance on each question, read through the correct/incorrect answer explanations, and mark the topics tested for later review. Best yet, we will continue adding 30-40 more CVs each week until the end of this year’s dedicated prep period.

For those students who have completed or plan to complete U-World before the end of your dedicated board prep, Firecracker’s new Q-Bank – included for free with a Firecracker membership – is the perfect backup resource to ensure you’ve seen enough test-style questions in order to be successful on your board exam.

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