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Posted by Keith Frankel on Sep 26, 2016 4:40:52 PM
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The debates are tonight, but let’s come together and do some good.


Well, tonight’s the night. After months of blocking extended family members on Facebook, the presidential debates are finally here. More than 100 million people are expected to watch the 90 minute affair, and let’s just be honest here… it’s going to be the absolute worst. 

In order to offset some of the negativity that is undoubtedly going to plague the next few days, we here at Firecracker are hoping to do our small part and add a bit of positivity to the world. So for the rest of September, for every new member who joins Firecracker, we will donate $5 to Watsi, an organization that allows people to donate money to fund medical treatments all around the world.


To make this joining and giving even easier, we’re also going to briefly drop our price for the next few days: $190 for a one year, $400 for 4 years membership purchased before September 29. Given that nearly 5000 new students have joined Firecracker so far this month, we can certainly make a big positive impact in these final 5 days of September.

Join and Give

Jokes aside: As an organization with over 150,000 med students, we at Firecracker believe it’s important to be a vocal supporter of inclusivity and equality for all people, regardless of cultural, ethnic, political, or religious background. As future physicians, you will all soon be immediately responsible for either improving or saving the lives of millions of people around the world. We hope that, in this important yet potentially polarizing time, we all keep this in mind and remain cognizant that we’re ultimately in this together. #bleedingheart   

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