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Our content team has been burning the midnight oil this past week. As you may already know, we recently released brand new content for the clinical vignettes, and today we have added over 1000 quiz questions to go with these new topics. We normally favor an incremental approach to such work, using an awesome cast of authors (a cast we are always looking to expand: see So why the rush? We wanted to get our house in order as we push full steam ahead on our Clinical Clerkship Program.

One of the things that we at Firecracker noticed about the educational approach to the clinical clerkships is the lack of a centralized resource. You are slammed with your different rotations (some better than others), shelf exams, and trying to keep some semblance of a life, all while trying to read up on your patients and get ready for the inevitable "pimping" session. Until now, you've been forced to buy expensive review books and slog through the sections you think are relevant to prepare for your exams and keep fresh for the Step 2-CK. Well, friends, we want to take some of that weight off of your shoulders. Let Firecracker help you study smarter and more efficiently.

We think centralizing studying resources for clerkships is the easiest way to help you spend your time becoming the best doctor you can be, so our new Clerkship Program does just that. No more worrying about what parts of which books you have to shift through. No more tearing pages out of your expensive reference books to create a binder that's actually relevant. We use the same technology that our users know and love for the Step 1 to create the world's newest go-to resource to enhance learning and help you on your quest to become better doctors.

We've created clinical content for the major 3rd year clerkships: General Surgery, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, OB/GYN, Neurology, as well as Emergency Medicine. Additionally, we'll be supplementing this content with around 1500 of our brand new USMLE-style clinical vignettes across all clerkships. Don't fret though, you'll be able to view these vignettes at your own pace when you're ready to ramp up your studies - your daily quizzes will still be the same ones you know and love.

We're excited to share the fruits of our labor and we want to know what you think! Don't hesitate to drop us a line at Happy studying!


Sean Alemi is Editor-in-Chief of Firecracker

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