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Posted by Keith Frankel on May 6, 2016 3:26:26 PM
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After three months of work, we’ve released a huge addition to the Firecracker platform: Dedicated Test Prep Mode. For those of you getting ready for your boards, below is an overview of everything you have to look forward to with this new update.


What is Dedicated Test Prep (“DTP”) Mode?

DTP Mode is a special new experience within Firecracker that is specifically designed to allow current and brand new students to use Firecracker during their dedicated board prep period, i.e. those last 30-55 days before their board exams.

How do I access DTP Mode?

Once you are 55 days out from your exam (based on the exam date you entered when you first joined Firecracker), you will receive a notification to enter DTP Mode. Doing so will take you through a quick exam date check, followed by a 1 hour, 40-question Diagnostic Test. After, you’ll find yourself squarely in DTP Mode.

How is DTP Mode different?

Man… where to start? DTP Mode adjusts many of the core Firecracker experiences to better align with the way the most successful students prepare during their final weeks before boards, i.e. choosing a specific subject to study each day, reading through the subject matter either in textbooks or First Aid, and then answering test-style questions using some Q-bank like UWorld. With DTP Mode, you can do all of this without ever leaving Firecracker.

Specifically, here are some of the new and updated features:

  • The addition of a Mastery Scorecard which keeps track of your mastery across all subjects and can be used to help you decide which subjects(s) to focus on each day.
  • Updated Today's To-Do's which allows for hyper-focused studying. Each day, you will select a subject you want to focus on. This will create a task of test-style questions for that subject. Your Mastery Scorecard can help you identify your weakest areas.
  • After finishing all of your chosen subject's test-style questions, you can create a Refresh task containing any of the topics you struggled with. You can also now pin an individual topic to your task list for later review, allowing you to read through the topics at your convenience.
  • In addition to daily tasks, you will also now receive a 1-block Progress Exam to complete each week. These new weekly tasks gauge your progress and preparedness throughout your dedicated prep, helping you understand if you are truly prepared for your board exam.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out - message us on the site. That’s what we’re here for.  (You can also watch a quick video tutorial of DTP Mode, put together by our customer success specialist, David.)


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