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Posted by Emily Baillieul on Feb 18, 2016 11:03:34 PM

This week we released concept-specific citations on Firecracker. Our team of editors carefully worked their ways through First Aid 2015 and First Aid 2016 and cited almost every single page in each book to a concept on Firecracker. This means that at the most granular level you can relate Firecracker content and questions directly to relevant passages in FA - streamlining your review, especially in your Step 1 dedicated prep period. We have 14,390 citations for FA 2015 and 13,275 for FA 2016.

Here’s an example of how you can find citations on Firecracker. Here's how we cite a specific question. Clicking the ‘c’ next to the question opens up the citations window, and there are page and section citations for FA 2015 and FA 2016:


If you have FA 2016 - go to page 596 to see what we mean.

We’ve also cited all the topics in the review section of Firecracker. Our citations are precise and specific, we make them whenever they are relevant to the concept - a single concept may have more than one citation, and a citation may apply to more than one concept.

The intent here: to streamline your studying, making it easier for you to move from questions and concepts in Firecracker over to FA for a refresher. We’re planning on adding other resources to Firecracker as well - and here’s where we could use your help: We have a 5 question survey, if you can take 5 minutes and tell us what other resources you’d like to see brought onto Firecracker, that would be fantastic:


Topics: USMLE Step 1, Dedicated Prep

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