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Posted by Ben Williams on Oct 19, 2014 1:43:44 PM

At Firecracker, we take security and privacy very seriously. You trust us with very sensitive information, and we routinely upgrade our systems to protect you. You may have heard of recent high-profile security risks floating around the Internet. We want to assure you that we've taken the following steps to protect you, even though we've had no reports of being affected.

  • Everything you do on Firecracker is now protected by a secure HTTPS connection. Previously, only highly sensitive pages such as the login and payment pages, were protected. We decided to make our entire site secure as a matter of routine to protect everything you do on Firecracker.
  • We disabled SSLv3 on Firecracker's servers to protect against the POODLE attack. It's a silly name for a serious bug, and it affects most websites you visit.
  • We upgraded the Firecracker servers to protect against Shellshock, a nasty bug contained in the common bash shell.

Happy (safe and private) Firecrackin'!

- Tony Wieczorek
VP of Engineering

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