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Posted by Christian Wishka on Dec 20, 2016 1:52:10 PM

The semester is coming to an end, and it probably feels like two days ago that you just began! Assuming finals aren’t also in two days, we have some advice for getting you where you need to be to succeed. If you don’t already have a Firecracker membership, sign up here. We're also having a webinar demo covering how to use Firecracker for Finals this Thursday May 11 at 2:00 p.m. EDT, please join us!

Marking topics

Firecracker is written to be a fit for all medical students -- those at all spectrums of knowledge and all points in medical school. It’s also written to fit with students from any school, despite each school’s own curriculum with specific niches and emphases. With all that in mind, topics are more important for some students than others. Be honest with yourself about which topics you need to study for your test, and which ones can wait or even be left out altogether. Triage topics according to how important they are for you and your test. Don’t just flag the easiest/quickest topics (don’t worry, I was guilty too)!Firecrackers whose schools have Course Connect get this part laid out for them. For more information on Course Connect, click here.

Prioritizing topics that are already marked

We originally built our content with the intention that students leave everything flagged as they go through medical school, so that when boards come around, they’ve still seen everything recently. The Past/Current/Urgent system was specifically developed for times like this where there are significantly different priorities between the glomerulonephritides you’re studying now and the lower limb anatomy you’re still trying to block from your memory from a year ago. Utilize the priority system to be sure all your daily questions are as final exam-relevant as possible.

Doing daily questions

The study period before a test is a little different in that you may want to see questions that you’re comfortable with again before the test, but don’t want to rate them too high so that they won’t show up until after. Feel free to rate conservatively (1’s and 2’s) at this time for high-yield questions. Most importantly, use Study Something Specific to study your “Urgent” topics and other topics related to your test -- ideally, your “Urgent” topics would be 100% test-relevant.Tests are stressful, but we have your back! Reach out to us with any test-specific or school-specific advice and we’d love to help you out. Best of luck!

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