FIMRC: Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children

Posted by Emily Baillieul on May 3, 2017 4:54:36 PM

Way back in time, in the distant days of 2006, Firecracker's CEO Ben Williams was getting his start as the head of an organization called FIMRC. FIMRC is the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, a non-profit that runs sites and clinics all over the world to provide families with access to medical care. 

Today, FIMRC is headed by Meredith Welsh and has sent thousands of medical students and medical professionals to over a dozen countries to provide people with medical care and support.

FIMRC sends premedical students, medical students, and healthcare professionals to these sites to work directly with patients in need of care. Firecracker has sponsored medical students on these missions in the past and we plan to again later this summer, stay tuned.

Here's a little more about FIMRC in their own words:

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Global Health Volunteer Program

As a Global Health Volunteer, you can travel to any of our project sites around the world! All FIMRC programs are structured to ensure volunteers contribute in meaningful, sustainable ways. Global Health Volunteers are an integral component of our goal to bring long-term change to underserved communities around the globe. This program is open to everyone.

Enrollment: Year round.

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Summer International Health Fellowship

As a Summer International Health Fellow, you can participate in a four to eight week immersion and service program where you will gain a unique perspective into global health. This program is geared toward students pursuing health professions, as well as first and second year medical students.

Enrollment: Spring (First Come, First Serve).

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Comparative Health Immersion Rotation Program

CHIRP is an elective clerkship that provides a global perspective to third and fourth year professional school students and residents. The program focuses on clinical exposure and community outreach, and incorporates structured training modules to help participants meet university requirements for medical rotations.

Enrollment: Customized for School & Curriculum.

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You can download the FIMRC brochure here. And if you'd like more information from them directly, visit or call 888-211-8575.

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