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Posted by David Guertin on Jun 23, 2017 4:52:45 PM

Although Firecracker is a very comprehensive resource offering thousands of all-original board-style practice clinical vignettes, tens of thousands of direct recall questions and in-depth topics with citations for everything you need to know, most students actually report saving time when they use Firecracker for their studies. We've optimized our mobile app for speed, and recently implemented some new features on the web, including the ever-popular Shot Clock, to help you crush questions quickly. Here, we'll break down best practices for studying efficiently with Firecracker, which is available at an excellent sale price this month:


Time studying


On average, Firecracker members do about 100 questions per day, in thirty minutes or less. Our highest-performing student members tend to complete flashcard questions at a blistering pace of 3-5 questions per minute! We recommend that you answer direct recall questions in your head, hit "Show Answer," and then simply score your recall rating (1-5) to move on to the next question. Although it can be easy to get bogged down in details while you're researching relevant context, you'll benefit most from only doing so on especially troublesome questions. A lot of evidence in modern educational research says that re-reading content is popular, but ineffective as a study method. Repeatedly assessing your ability to recall and apply your medical school knowledge is proven to improve retention.

We've published questions to test your comprehension of every fact and concept in Firecracker; even if you never hit the "More Details" links, you'll still cover everything we have just by going through our special blend of direct recall and clinical vignette questions. To repeat the same question within a quiz, hit the Snooze buttonYou can sufficiently review all of Firecracker's content by actively engaging with practice questions, and that information will stick in your long-term memory more reliably than if you're reading (and re-reading) review summaries.

The Firecracker Daily Review mobile app is offline-accessible, so you can do questions anytime, anywhere. Once you've loaded your assignments for the day, you can feel free to switch into airplane mode to do those assigned questions. We've even implemented full-length practice exams that you can now take on smartphones, tablets, or of course online. In a hospital with poor Wi-Fi, Firecracker Daily Review can be your best friend during your clinical rotations (I should also mention it's entirely free to download for Android and iOS, including Apple Watch)!

Our membership pretty much unanimously agrees that you'll help yourself by starting with Firecracker sooner rather than later; at the beginning of your first year of medical school, if possible. Doing just a few direct recall questions for review is an easy starting point, which will help you establish healthy study habits in no time. You can begin by reviewing the materials you've learned most recently in medical school, and/or use our High Yield guide to attack the most crucial content for boards first. The Firecracker team is always available to help provide additional resources, advice, data, and expertise. Reach out anytime at chat@firecracker.me - we'd love to hear from you!

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