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Posted by Nate Green on Jul 30, 2016 10:47:38 PM

This post has been long coming. June was an especially busy month for the Firecracker content team; editors were hard at work on board preparationnot only creating new content for Firecracker but also personally preparing for their boards. Here are some highlights from June:

Patient Case Coverage

  • Patient case templates authored 50
  • Patient cases authored 49
  • Patient cases edited 297
  • Patient cases revised 48


New COMLEX topics outlined

  • Counterstrain Techniques
  • Muscle Energy Techniques

 COMLEX topic updates outlined

  • High Velocity Low Amplitude (HVLA) Techniques
  • Counterstrain Principles

Step 1 Concept Yield

  • Concepts evaluated 1343

Curriculum Alignment

  • Mapped 736 learning objectives from 10 courses to 1432 Firecracker topics
  • Authored 18 curriculum-specific question prompts
  • Authored 29 curriculum-specific clinical vignettes
  • Edited 27 curriculum-specific clinical vignettes

If you have any content suggestions for us, feel free to message us from inside our app or send an email to

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