Identifying and remediating at-risk students

Posted by Sean Horgan on Jan 10, 2017 9:35:34 AM
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As we turn the corner into 2017, many students and faculty at medical schools shift their focus toward planning for licensing exams. For schools that integrate preparation for these exams into their curriculum, they probably know which students are at risk of underperforming. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard we provide to our partners:


Firecracker can easily zoom in to a specific student's performance to understand where they are falling behind. Below is a screenshot of an individual student's mastery in Neurology:


The horizontal bars indicate progress on concept review tasks, which are primarily delivered through flashcards. The circles indicate progress on clinical vignette questsions that are modeled on the appropriate licensing exam, in this case USMLE Step 1. You can see here that this student is struggling with recalling Sumatriptan. Firecracker has a topic summary that can be quickly reviewed by the student and a faculty member to see where they are stuck:


If you want the same level of precision and ability to remeidate your students, check out our school products:

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