New in Firecracker: See how many questions your Classmates are doing!

Posted by Ben Williams on Sep 24, 2013 3:37:08 AM

Hi Firecrackers!

Research shows the best way to learn is by doing questions. That's why we just launched the Peer Comparison tool, to help motivate you to learn more, faster.

With this feature, you can see how many questions you're answering each day, and how this compares to the average Firecracker. If you're a medical student, you can also see how many questions your fellow classmates are doing. Similarly, if you're an International Medical Graduate, you can see how many questions IMGs are doing.

Many of you have already submitted your feedback, and it's been overwhelmingly positive so far:

"I love the new feature that lets us track how many questions we did daily versus people from our school (and class). Kind of pushes me to try to beat the average." - Alan, University of Illinois Chicago

Click here to check out your new dashboard!

Firecracker Dashboard Peer Compare Feature

To start using the Peer Comparison tool, simply verify your school email address. All you have to do is sign into Firecracker, click on the doctor icon in the upper right of your screen, then select "Account & Settings". You will see a section entitled "Your School". Choose your school from the drop-down menu, select your class year, then enter your .edu address and click "Update School". If you're an IMG, it's even easier; simply click the link entitled "International Medical Graduate".

And remember, even if you can't do 100s of questions a day, that's no reason not to use Firecracker. Many people start by only using Firecracker for subjects that they have trouble remembering, like Anatomy or Microbiology.
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