Why the name Firecracker?

Posted by chat@firecracker.me on Sep 11, 2012 4:30:14 AM

You may notice that we're making some major overhauls, from how our website looks and feels to our very name! Many have asked why, and the answer is simple: we need to broaden our brand’s reach and strengthen our business’ focus.

It may surprise you to learn that our core business isn’t test prep. In fact, it isn’t even training doctors. Our core business is unlocking peoples’ potential. Right now we do it by marrying cutting edge science and the best technology to make demolishing exams and acing classes easy. We realized that the name Gunner Training put us in a box that we needed to burst out of. Don’t get us wrong! We love gunners and everything we’ve done to train them, but it’s only one part of solving the bigger puzzle of making education ignite the inner spark in all of us.

We’re called Firecracker because we know that the child-like wonder of watching a fireworks show is the same feeling you get from learning something new. Hearing those “booms” evokes the same satisfaction as applying theoretical knowledge to a real world situation. We see the same elegance in a mathematical proof as we do in a beautiful crossette.

We’re called Firecracker because everybody in the world can be a Firecracker, and because the old systems of education and learning—those factory, cookie cutter systems—don’t fit everyone and leaves millions of fuses unlit across the world.

We’re called Firecracker because when we are able to help millions of people anywhere in the world connect to the knowledge that ignites them; the night sky is going to be illuminated by the brilliant glow of their success. Access to education and learning shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving what you were meant to do, and we’re called Firecracker to help burst through those old barriers.

Right now, we’re helping medical students achieve their calling—developing into great doctors. Hundreds of them have told us that becoming Firecrackers has changed how they study and learn, and made them more ready than ever for the challenges they face. Stay tuned as we improve how we help those students, and gear up to help others too.

We want to know what your purpose is, and how we can help you achieve it. Come learn with us!


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Ben Williams is CEO and co-founder of Firecracker

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