Tools for Dedicated Prep: Part 1

Posted by Emily Baillieul on Mar 22, 2016 11:11:36 AM

This fall we surveyed medical students - many Firecracker users - about their experiences as medical students. Some of those students had already taken the Step 1 exam, and we looked at data from students who scored a 230 or better to see what tools they used. In this case, we excluded Firecracker usage from the graph, focusing on what other tools successful students used in their final prepartion. Ultimately this data represents a total  of 203 students. The blue line is the number of students who reported using a given tool and the orange line shows what % of those students found the tool "very useful". Here are the results:



As you can see, the tradition trio of UFAP is both extremely popular with students and very helpful, a feat that few resources can claim. 97% of these students found UWorld helpful - really impressive.

Firecracker is about to begin releasing a new suite of tools intended for use during Step 1 dedicated test prep. We've spent months reviewing and analyzing data on over 200 million student data-points in Firecracker, developing this new capability based on student outcomes. Based on responses to our Daily Patient Cases- we think you're going to love it.

If you'd like to get access to these tools as we release them, just make sure you're a current Firecracker member:

We're also running a sale until April 1. 4 months of Firecracker for $100:

Any questions? Drop us a line: 

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