The Porch Light is On

Posted by Ben Williams on May 6, 2011 3:30:41 AM

Ever since it was released last year, I've been wanting to read Tony Hsieh's book about how he built his Zappos shoe empire on making customer service his entire company, not just a single department. It's not a very expensive book, affordable even on a medical student's paltry budget. I suppose I've just needed an excuse to bump it up out of my Amazon wish list and into my shopping cart before any of the other seven hundred and fifty eight material goods on said wish list. On Tuesday of this week I ordered the book.

As many of you know, the servers at Gunner recently were struck by a massive tsunami of fail that battered us and you for almost three days before leaving us all violated and dejected (read 'really pissed at Nicholas and his team at Gunner'). Just look at the sheer horror of this rogue wave:

Yes, we recovered, you guys recovered (most of you), and we learned a lot about sharing physical servers with other virtual machines (it's a bad idea; see my posts at SDN for a bit of geek rant). But our recovery from the database blitzkrieg is not the reason I finally ordered that Zappos book on Tuesday. It's because I finally realized that we're not Gunner; me, Ben, Alex, Frank, Dan, Mike, Sean, Nick and all the other fellas at Gunner, we're not Gunner. You guys are Gunner. Towering tray of cheese or not, it's true, and it was like tsunami number two for me when I began to see that many of you feel like you ring our doorbell and although our lights are clearly on no one comes to the door. This is very un-Zappos, very bad chi. So I resolved to come out onto the porch and invite you guys inside. I sent out at email a few days ago telling you all about the server issues and in that I asked each of you to email me, Nicholas, any time you feel like ringing the doorbell: The invitation still stands and will of course continue to do so, but I also want to open all our doors and windows at Gunner and invite all of you guys inside. So I'm blowing the dust off our blog and vowing to throw open the windows at gunner, post by post. We'll talk about all kinds of things here: new products, new features, what we're up to inside Gunner, what Frank's doing in the OR, what Mike thinks of Internal Medicine rounds, how to survive being pimped by your upper-level, what new Rails trend Alex and I happen to be geeking out over, what destiny Ben has in store for all of us, what constitutes a red hot ERAS statement, what the hell is wrong with healthcare in our country, all kinds of things. And I invite you guys to chime in, absolutely. Leave comments and let us know what's on your mind. Nothing's out of bounds here, so vent or praise or blabber about anything you want.

So I'm thanking you all for hanging out on the porch for so long, but it's high time you all just came inside and made yourselves at home.

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