Study Jams: A New Year's Update

Posted by davidguertin on Jan 15, 2016 12:28:57 PM

Leading up to 2016, the Firecracker team had been brainstorming how best to engage our community in a more direct and personal level. After much consideration and discussions with our passionate community of students, we've created what we think are a great way of doing this on campus and in person: Firecracker Study Jams.

Study Jams entail students working together in person in order to prepare for classes and their major exams in a relaxed and informal environment. Passionate Firecracker community members with great organizational skills ("tutors") work alongside the Firecracker HQ team to coordinate and host these informal group study sessions. We provide the relevant content, questions, food, and drinks. From there, Study Jams are pretty flexible, and can take any direction the attendees feel is most valuable!

Since launching this community engagement activity in mid-November, Firecracker tutors have hosted six Study Jams. Our initial locations (at Temple University and in Hyderabad, India) are over 8,000 miles apart in distance, and we'd like to expand the scope of Study Jams even more! Here are a few photos of our recent 2016 Study Jams: 


If you're interested in bringing Study Jams, fed by Firecracker to your school, then you can sign up here to be a tutor. Any feedback you have about this activity, and community engagement in general, will be much appreciated as always. Hope to hear from you soon!

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