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Posted by Keith Frankel on Sep 20, 2017 5:52:41 PM
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Ever had to pronounce 'choledocolithiasis’ in class? We can guess how that went…


Well kiss all of those embarrassing moments goodbye. Today, we’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Merriam Webster to bring definitions and pronunciations for nearly 60,000 medical terms to Firecracker. 

All you have to do is highlight the text in the exact same way you already do to add notes or give feedback! When a certain word is supported, two new icons will appear for both pronunciation and definition support, respectively. While, admittedly, not every medical term is supported, this should help clarify many of those troublesome little embarrassment mines you may have struggled with before. 

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A few helpful notes to make sure your experience with these new features goes smoothly:

  • When highlighting a term, it takes Firecracker a moment to check to see if Merriam Webster supports it. So, it may take half of a second for the new pronunciation and definition icons to appear in your annotator menu after selecting text.
  • While certain phrases are definitely supported, most of the terms supported are single words. If you struggle to find support for a full phrase, try just selecting a single term.
  • Similarly, Merriam Webster often only recognizes the singular version of certain terms. So, if you highlight the text and don’t get a result, try removing the ‘s’ from the end of the term if it happened to be plural.

Even better, in celebration of this release, we’re holding a 5-day flash sale. Until 9/25, you can get two years of Firecracker for $250. Thank us later when you roll into rounds feeling like this:


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