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Posted by Ben Williams on Aug 8, 2011 10:52:29 AM

Sometimes when we're studying we want to start fresh in one or several subjects, go back to a clean slate and attack things again. Our users have long been able to reset their accounts, but the process was far from ideal: they had to send us a reset request and we had to do it for them. We aim for a very fast turnaround time on these requests (our policy is that whenever a request comes in, we handle it as soon as we're made aware of it, no matter what we're doing). A few days ago my own pride in lightening quick turnaround took a hit when one of our editors sent me a few requests that got lost in our old feedback system a few months ago before we upgraded. Inadvertent though it was, these few requests were simply ignored. I was appalled by this and resolved to bump up a self-reset feature on our priority list. We implemented that over the weekend so now you have the ability to take care of account resets on your own whenever you need to. Just go to 'Account' in the upper right navigation bar and look for the account reset panel shown below. No more chances of a rogue request not being heard.

Reset Your Own Account

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