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Thanks to referrals from our wonderful members, Gunner is growing at a phenomenal rate. We have asked for and received suggestions (thank you!) from many of you regarding how Gunner can better reward its members for inviting their friends/classmates. As a result, we came up with the following referral system to thank you for spreading the good word!

Send a FREE 1-Month Trial

For a limited time, whenever you invite someone through Gunner's invite system, you will automatically send them a free 1-month trial to either our USMLE STEP 1 or MCAT program! Although we currently offer free 2-week trials, the only way someone can get a free 1-month trial is if YOU invite them!

Earn a Free Month for Everyone who Joins

And, you will earn 1 free month for everyone who joins!*

Use Free Months Yourself or Give them to Friends/Classmates

You can either redeem free months for yourself or give them to friends or classmates (even if they are already a member)!** And, if you send a free month to a friend/classmate who isn't yet a Gunner member, they will still automatically receive a free 1-month trial in addition to a free month when they sign up!

Inviting Friends is Quick & Easy

We currently provide 4 ways for you to share a free 1-month trial with your friends and get free months in return!

1) Share the free 1-month trial with your friends on Facebook!

After clicking this option, you will be able to customize the message, decide if you want to send a direct message to a friend(s) instead, etc. To maximize your rewards and spread the love to your friends and classmates, we recommend you do both -- post the link to your profile AND send a group of friends the link directly via a Facebook message. And, don't forget that even if you are a USMLE Step 1 member, you can get a free month for friends who join, for example, our MCAT program. Therefore, we also recommend you share our MCAT free 1-month trial on Facebook as well!

2) Send a free 1-month trial link to your friends via email, IM, etc.

To give you maximum flexibility, we provide free trial links to both of our programs so that you can simply copy, paste, and send them via email, chat/IM, etc. The code at the end of the links will tell us if someone you invited joins. Again, because you will benefit if a friend signs up for any of our programs, we recommend you send free 1-month trial links for all of our programs (e.g. Step 1 & MCAT). Remember: your friends will thank you because they can only get a 1-month trial if you send it to them!

3) Send free 1-month trials to your contacts

If you have a Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail email account, yet another option is to input your email address and password (don't worry, we never store this information!) to pull up a list of your contacts. Then, you can check off who you want to send a free 1-month trial too! Here again, we recommend you also invite people to our other programs (e.g. MCAT) since you benefit either way!

4) Share a free 1-month trial by email address

Finally, the last option is to simply paste a list of email addresses (separated by paragraphs/line or by commas), choose what program you want to invite them to, and click "send". It's that easy! :)


How can I maximize my rewards?

We recommend you invite your friends/classmates using all Steps 1-4 today. Given how fast we are growing (and the fact that 95% are coming from referrals), it's very likely that your other friends/classmates are about to invite the same people!

How do I get to the invite page?

To get to the invite page, after signing into your account, click on either the "invite your friends today" or "Invite Friends!" links at the top middle or right of your "My Schedule" (i.e. homepage) page. Alternatively, USMLE Step 1 members can visit here and MCAT members can visit here.

How do I view the status of and redeem my rewards?

To view and redeem your rewards, click "Invites / Rewards" at the top middle of the invite page (see above graphic for reference).

What if I already earned a Starbucks card?

For those of you who previously earned a Starbucks card, on the "Invites / Rewards" page, you will see a message asking you to let us know if you would prefer to a) trade every $10 Starbucks card earned for a free month that you can either use yourself or send to a friend, b) redeem your reward(s) in the form of a Starbucks card, or c) donate the value ($10 per Starbucks card) to one of our non-profit partners -- the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children. You can let us know by shooting us an email at

Please let us know if you have any request, questions, concerns, ideas, anything! Thanks so much for your continued support.

Warm regards,

Ben Williams
CEO, Gunner Training

* To receive a free month, your friend must sign up with Gunner Training during or at the end of the free trial and keep his/her subscription beyond our 7-day money-back guarantee.

** You can send only one free month to each friend/classmate, but you can apply multiple free months to your own subscription!

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