New in Firecracker: Exam Simulation, "Lite" mode & more!

Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 11:17:06 PM

Hi Firecrackers!

We're writing code full speed over here and have more features to announce. Here's what we've just released:

  • Exam Simulation. Create your own multiple-choice tests and do the practice questions using an exact replica of the USMLE interface! Choose questions by subject, select Tutor or Timed mode and more! Your performance on the questions will not impact your Review schedule.
  • Customize your Review schedule. Choose when you want to review a concept again. When taking a quiz, clicking "adjust" will show you when you will see a question on the concept again. You can change your review date from there! Remember, you can also change your overall Review schedule settings on your settings page.
  • "Comprehensive" or "Lite" mode. In Comprehensive mode, you will be quizzed on all concepts within a Topic. In Lite mode, you will only be quizzed on some of the concepts. Want to decrease the number of questions Firecracker is recommending? No problem! Just switch to Lite mode on your settings page. Since this feature has major implications for your learning experience, we explain everything in detail in this blog post.
  • Do Review Questions 1-30 Days in Advance. Once you finish your Review questions for the day, you can do your upcoming Review questions by subject up to 30 days in advance. Need a break from Firecracker? No problem. We forgive you. :)
  • Total & Percent Mastery. See how many concepts you have mastered! You have mastered a concept when your most recent recall score was either a 4 ("remembered after thinking about it briefly") or a 5 ("know perfectly"). Your % mastery is the number of concepts you have mastered out of the total number of concepts within your flagged Topics.

Thank you all for the kind words about Firecracker and our team's efforts these past few weeks! We hope you enjoy these improvements just as much!

Have a new feature idea? Think we can do something better? Post the idea to our Feedback forum! Ideas with the most votes usually get implemented! Click here to tell us what you want to see!


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