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Posted by David Guertin on Sep 4, 2014 10:34:38 AM

Hey Firecrackers!

Our world-class team of authors and editors composed new content for relevant, accurate historical and current information about Ebola virus. As Ebola virus has made news headlines these past few weeks, we understand this material is of interest to individuals in the fields of infectious disease and public and international health. We should note that these topics are NOT intended to be studied for the USMLE.

The Firecracker team sees it as our duty to provide factual and evidence-based information as a service to you, our audience. Thorough education about conditions such as Ebola virus will improve preventative care, treatment, and understanding in the greater medical community. If you’re interested in learning and remembering more about Ebola, we recommend doing questions on these topics; however, this material will prove impertinent for the USMLE. Here are the topics:

Ebola: History

Ebola: Pathophysiology

Ebola: Clinical Manifestation

Ebola: Diagnosis and Treatment

Ebola: Current Epidemic


You can keep track of recently updated topics in this series of blog posts as well. Happy crackin!

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