New in Firecracker: Build a Mini Catch-up Quiz, Start Quizzes from Anywhere & more!

Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 12:26:03 AM

Hi Firecrackers!

We have more features and improvements to announce! Here are some of things we did this past week:

  • Catch-up Concepts are now Highlighted. When viewing Topics you need to Catch-up on, the specific concepts we recommend you review are now highlighted in green.
  • Build a Mini Catch-up Quiz. You can now build a mini Catch-up quiz by adding the Catch-up questions associated with a Catch-up Topic you're reviewing. You can keep adding Catch-up questions to this quiz as you review your other Catch-up Topics. This feature is helpful if you only want to Catch-up on certain Topics and not others.
  • Start Quizzes from Anywhere. Simply click on the Study, Review or Catch-up icons next to the Firecracker logo to start a Study, Review or Catch-up quiz. No need to go to the Study Plan page whenever you want to do more questions.

  • Various Improvements & Bug Fixes: Formatting of answer explanations is now identical to how these concepts appear in the related Topic; long Topic names are no longer distorted; and the total quiz number is visible in all browsers.

We hope you guys like these improvements! And, as always, please let us know what else we can do to help you become a better physician.

- The Firecracker Crew

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