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You’re studying for the MCAT. Or looking perhaps for an extra advantage in your pre-medical courses. What if you could have an Ivy-League tutor on 24/7 call? Or better yet, something even smarter than that! A system that explains the essence of the more than 500 MCAT topics in chemistry, physics, orgo, and biology in a logical, relevant way accompanied by clear, easily understandable diagrams. A system that knows your weak points, organizes your review, retests you at just the right times, guiding you all the way. No wasted time, maximum review. A system that simply makes sure you literally know everything cold, reaching your full potential. In short: a system that makes you a ‘Gunner’; in med-student lingo, that’s the equivalent of ‘Top Gun’.

Does such a system exist? Now it does. Gunner Training's MCAT Program combines a top-level, private MCAT review course taught on the Harvard, Columbia and Princeton campuses with Gunner's acclaimed Spaced Training & Adaptive Technology (STAT) platform used nationwide by thousands of medical students for their board exams.

Hundreds of students from our classroom-based MCAT Program have gone on to successful careers in medicine. Here’s what they have said: “The course was right on the mark” “Absolutely the most efficient way to study for the MCAT” “Outstanding” “Terrific Review!” Read more Buzz

The Gunner Training system is more than just a question bank: it’s an adaptive learning system with its own intelligence that helps you be smarter about the material and smarter about studying. Leveraging the latest findings in the neurobiology of learning, the Gunner system tracks your weak points and retests you at key time points, maximizing your retention of learned material while optimizing the time you invest in your studying. “Gunner training was a life saver for me!” “I love this site! Have used it more than any other resource for Boards.”

Studying for the MCAT (or any test for that matter) boils down to two things: (1) learning the material and (2) making sure you’ve learned it. You learn the material from top-notch content; you ensure it by doing questions and problems. I've been looking for a long time (two decades and thousands of students later) for the perfect learning system partner to complement the top-notch content in the MCAT Intensive Review. Everything I’ve seen out there—believe me—is pretty much a patch-work of questions, thrown together and labeled “MCAT”: simply giving you the feverish illusion of studying which, for what is likely the most important exam of your life, is absolutely the worst thing to do. You’re on your own when it comes to optimizing your time, identifying your weak points and organizing your study. When I came across Gunner Training, with its intelligent algorithms, based on the latest research in the neurobiology of learning, I said to myself, “This could be the one.” Then when I found out about the team, ‘Top Guns’ from Harvard, Yale, Columbia and other schools, medical and surgical residents at the finest programs, curve-breakers on both the MCAT and the boards, I knew that we had the perfect platform for which to launch the absolute best pre-medical preparation.

Hippocrates wrote: “The Art is Long, Life is Short.” Over many millennia, Medicine has never been easy; there is no royal road to knowledge. But there is an optimal road. Soon you will be responsible for the lives of others. Don’t waste yours—don’t waste your time—on any other review.


Ogan Gurel, MD, MPhil

Editor-in-Chief, Pre-Medical Programs

For more info about Dr. Gurel and the MCAT team click here.

Click here to learn more about Gunner's MCAT Program and see below for a few sample MCAT Flashcards.


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