New: Complete Review Questions by Subject (and other improvements)!

Posted by on Aug 4, 2010 6:21:26 AM

Based on insightful feedback from our members, we made a few enhancements to Gunner Training these past few weeks.

The most salient of these enhancements is the ability to complete one's review questions by subject area (e.g. Biochem, Immunology). “Review Questions By Subject” will show all subjects for which there are review questions and the number of questions for each and selecting a subject starts the scheduled review, but includes only questions from that subject. We also enable you to complete your "Catch Up" flashcards by subject as well! These features will be helpful for the vast majority of our members who use Gunner -- not only as a USMLE Step 1 or MCAT preparatory program -- but also as a complement to (i.e. alongside) their coursework as early as 2-years prior to their exam.

After you either complete a subject or pause your review, you can start your review rightwhere you left off directly from the Performance Summary page.

We also made a handful of user interface improvements that will make studying on Gunner that much easier, effortless, self-directed, and fun! Some of these changes include:

  • Speeding up the review process by enabling people to accept the recommended review interval AND move on to the next question with just one click (thanks, Brandon!). It used to take two clicks! The “Customize Schedule” button will bring up the familiar slider where you can adjust the next review date if you so desire.

  • Providing an option to immediately end a review session and goes view a summary of one's current performance.

  • Adding helpful navigation links on Performance Summary (feedback) pages. For example, on the Performance Summary after the initial review (to see how well you learned what you just studied), we add a link to the last flashcard studied (thanks, Sophie!). For scheduled review, if there are more questions to be completed, we now provide a link to start the next block of questions.

  • Display a reminder message when banked questions > 20 and suggest (but not force) that one start reviewing the banked questions. We did this to help prevent people from banking too many questions and getting frustrated with a extraordinarily long initial review!

Let us know how else we can improve! We have a lot of great improvements and features coming and we look forward to more great ideas!

Warm regards,

Ben Williams

CEO, Gunner Training

Topics: User Interface, New Features

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