The New (2.0) Interface of Medical Education

Posted by on Sep 22, 2009 5:09:17 PM

Last week we launched the second iteration of Gunner Training. This project took a few months to complete. Our primary target was making a good user experience even better. Judging from our users' responses, we achieved that goal. Here's some of the feedback we got:

R.M. from Eastern Virginia Medical School said, "Just wanted to say I love the new homepage. It is much more informative and helpful. Thank you!"
M.C. said, "Love the UI updates! Very helpful all around!"
S.C. from Medical University of South Caroline said, "Just wanted to say that the update looks awesome. Great job, guys!"
Thanks for the encouragement! Here's a pic of the brand-new Personal Review Schedule:

A live-updating, handy-dandy calendar is now front and center on your Review Schedule. We figured it might be easier to plan your studies if you could see exactly what's coming up.

We also introduced two new concepts (yeah we're geeks): Catch-Up On Studies and Mastery. Everyone takes breaks and vacations, especially from the hectic schedule of medical school. During these times, it's inevitable that you'll forget some of the things you learned. These things are automatically moved to the Catch-Up section. A nice side-bonus is that when you login after a month away, you won't get hit with 800 review questions (!) for that day.

The Mastery concept is a useful measure of overall progress. Any time you give a question a score of 4 or higher, you've mastered that material. The best way to progress towards Mastery is to stick to the Gunner Training review schedule. A couple new areas on the Review Schedule demonstrate this new concept.

That's it for now! Next time we'll go over the new Flashcard Search function, and we'll dive into the new algorithms behind GT 2.0.

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