NEW: 1-month Review Calendar, clear questions, do questions in advance, and more!

Posted by on Oct 18, 2010 9:32:11 AM

Based on insightful feedback from our members, we made a few more enhancements to Gunner Training these past few weeks.

  • One new feature is the ability to view one's review questions for a whole month in advance (vs. only 1-week before).

  • Below the calendar, you will notice the "Clear today's review" link. Selecting this will give you the option to spread the questions over 7 days, 14 days, or moving all of the current day's questions to the "catch up" pile (i.e. topics you have previously studies but that our system predicts you have forgotten because you didn't do the recommended review on the recommended day). Our insight is now based on millions of datapoints from hundreds of your peers (e.g. M1s) and improving every day as more and more people join and use our platform.

  • Once you have either completed the day's review questions or cleared them via the method show above, you will see two options to accelerate your review (i.e. do future questions in advance). You can, for instance, prepare for a school exam (e.g. Respiratory class) by doing all Respiratory questions currently in your review schedule, answer all questions in your review schedule before a comprehensive exam such as USMLE Step 1 or MCAT, or answer up to 14 days of questions before a well-deserved vacation so that when you return you won't have any review questions waiting for you!

  • Finally, you will notice a new "View flashcard" link when you view an answer to a review question. We did this so that you could not only see the exact learning point associated with the questions, but also related concepts, images, etc.

Let us know how else we can improve and thanks to everyone for the great feedback!

Warm regards,

Ben Williams

CEO, Gunner Training

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