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Posted by Ben Williams on Jun 16, 2014 7:51:26 AM

Next up in our series of editor profiles is Nebiyu Shukur! Originally from Ethiopia, Nebiyu is currently pursuing his M.D. at Eastern Virginia Medical School. Nebiyu is an editor for Firecracker's medical content!


A little more about Nebiyu:

  • Grew up in Ethiopia before moving to Alexandria, Virginia in middle school
  • Still lives in Virginia
  • Hobbies include soccer, basketball, and weight lifting
  • Favorite movie is tough to pick, but Shaolin Soccer is in his top 10
  • Favorite book is the Bible
  • Favorite music is dramatic movie soundtracks
  • Favorite food is Ethiopian food!
  • Best vacations were spent in Nazareth, Ethiopia as a kid


Nebiyu collecting turtles as a youngster in Ethiopia!

We asked Nebiyu a few questions about Firecracker, medical education, and the field of medicine more generally.

Q: When did you get involved with Firecracker?

A: I started in October, 2013.

Q: Why do you love Firecracker?

A: I love how things are not unnecessarily complicated and are put in simple and easy to understand terms. I also like how Firecracker integrates and responds to user feedback. The collective knowledge of thousands of users creates the best mnemonics, associations, and overall study material available.

Q: What would you be doing if you were not pursuing a career in medicine?

A: I think I would be a broker, a film director, or an artist.

Q: If there were one thing you could change about medical education, what would it be and why?

A: I wish medical schools would make more emphasis on empathy. I see medical school training as one that is only focused on making scientifically competent and proficient physicians without giving any attention to the humanistic aspect of their future practice.

Q: If there were one thing you could change about the field of medicine in general, what would it be and why?

A: Making prevention easy and profitable. The majority of chronic disease is preventable but prevention is far from being the number one priority. Almost all of the healthcare money is spent on diagnosis and treatment and almost none is spent on prevention. It is not easy or cheap for people to eat healthy and lead an overall healthy lifestyle. Prevention has to be profitable; otherwise it can't survive against the current incentive system that rewards quantity of care rather than quality of care.


Thanks Nebiyu!

- The Firecracker Team

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