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Posted by Ben Williams on May 28, 2014 6:58:59 AM

Next up in our series of editor profiles is Jan Hallock, Managing Editor of COMLEX content for Firecracker! Jan graduated from the University of Oregon in 2009 with degrees in linguistics and human physiology and is now in her third year of medical school at Pacific Northwest University. She plans on doing rural family medicine with obstetrics.


A little more about Jan:

  • Grew up in a farm town in southern Oregon but has lived all over the West Coast
  • Now lives in sunny, warm eastern Washington state
  • Hobbies include reading, writing, making music, hanging out with her husband and daughter, watching football, and taking road trips
  • Favorite movie is tough to pick, but she enjoyed Pitch Perfect
  • Favorite books are the Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down (a good perspective-changer) the Giver (a classic she returns to again and again), Shakespeare's Measure for Measure (her favorite play), and the Mortal Instruments series (itching to finish!)
  • Favorite music is currently a cappella, including Home Free, Pentatonix, On the Rocks, and Peter Hollens
  • Favorite food is her husband's homemade teriyaki beef jerkey
  • Best vacation is anytime she's visiting family


Jan with her husband and daughter at a baseball game last year!

We asked Jan a few questions about Firecracker, medical education, and the field of medicine in general.

Q: When and how did you get involved with Firecracker?

A: I started writing for Firecracker last summer, at the beginning of my third year rotations. I love teaching and I love writing, so working for Firecracker seemed like a great combination of two things I enjoy.

Q: Why do you love Firecracker?

A: I've enjoyed the opportunities to shape a widely-used medical education resource, knowing I'm playing a part in providing a quality medical education to students across the country.

Q: What has been your favorite experience on rotations so far?

A: My favorite experience on rotations has been assisting with deliveries - there's just nothing like hearing a baby's first cry, and seeing a proud, exhausted mama and papa set eyes on their little one for the first time.

Q: What would you be doing if you were not in medicine?

A: Teaching English and Spanish in a small-town high school somewhere.

Q: If there were one thing you could change about medical education, what would it be and why?

A: Medical education is slowly moving in this direction, but I would make the curriculum more integrated and centered on active learning, grounded in research and current understanding of how learning happens. Too often we rely on "the way we've always done it," and we end up preaching evidence-based medicine while practicing tradition-based teaching.

Q: If there were one thing you could change about the field of medicine in general, what would it be and why?

A: More research invested in complementary and alternative therapies, since they're widely used and often inexpensive and effective, but most physicians are at a loss when their patients ask about them.


Thanks Jan!

- The Firecracker Team

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