Firecracker Celebrates Match Day

Posted by Emily Baillieul on Mar 18, 2016 1:48:50 PM

In honor of Match Day, we've collected a few past Match Day experiences from Firecracker editors. We wish you all the best as you find out where the future of your medical career takes you!  

"Match Day was incredibly exciting for me, the culmination of years of early morning rounding, late night studying, and innumerable exams and assessments all boiled down into a small white envelope. I remember the joy I felt when I saw the name of my first choice residency listed on my letter (which I still have to this day), and feeling the incredible energy of the room as it erupted in smiles and hugs. More so even than graduation, Match Day was a celebration of the hard work and camaraderie that defines the medical school experience."



"I did not attend my school's ceremony. I spent several months working in Haiti as a fourth year medical student. It was an election year and there was a lot of back and forth about when I should leave. As it turns out I flew home on match day and was mid-air when the results were released. I sat down near the jet bridge when I arrived in Miami and logged into the wireless. I knew I couldn't use my phone in customs and immigration and I could not wait that long to find out. I was really happy to find out that I matched at Brigham and Women/Boston Children's for Med-Peds, but it was hours before I could celebrate with anyone as I ran to catch my next flight."



"Since ophthalmology has their own early match, I actually found out where I matched via an email from my program at 6 o'clock in the morning in the middle of January, which was kind of nice to be able to enjoy the moment by myself with just my family. For my transitional year match though, I did get to experience the excitement of match day and finding out together with my classmates, so I kind of got the best of both worlds."



"Match Day was the culmination of an incredible journey and a clear transition of the next. It was incredible to see so much emotion in one room. At the same time, it was a great test of what it meant to let go in a field where we try to control so much."



"My Match Day was actually disappointing because I didn't match to one of my top-choice programs.  Also, because I was away from school on a visiting rotation, I didn't take part in the Match Day experience with my classmates (which turned out to be a good thing since I was disappointed at the time!) but rather found out where I was going via email.  Ultimately, I loved my residency program, and in retrospect, I think it provided better training for my interests, led to my finding an amazing residency research mentor, and was a better fit for my personality than the programs I had ranked higher.  And I ended up in a specialty I love (in part because that specialty is very strong at my residency program institution), was able to attend my top-choice fellowship program, and am now working at a great hospital, so all turned out well in the end.  I regard my residency match as an example of how life sometimes works out for the best even though it doesn't seem so at the time."



"It was surreal. After watching others for 3 years, what seemed like 3 lifetimes, it was finally my turn."



"Match day is one of the most exciting and nerve wrecking days I had ever experienced! You worked so hard for this, so trust in yourself and know wherever you end up, it was meant to be!  Good Luck guys!!!!"


Update - March 21

A bunch of current editors matched on Friday too! 

Jared - Neurosurgery

Evan - Orthopedics

Christian - Transitional year, Raidiology

Austin - Orthopedics

Nick - Anesthesiology

We also have a bunch of users who took their Step 1 back in the spring of 2014, and some of them have shared their new specialties as well - we'll be adding those later this week!

We'd love to hear your Match stories from today! Message us through Firecracker or email to share your story. 

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