Keyboard Shortcuts and Quicker Quizzes

Posted by Ben Williams on Jun 6, 2011 10:18:55 AM

For a long time now people have been asking for keyboard shortcuts for reviewing questions on Gunner. Self-proclaimed "power users" have told us that if they could leave their mouse on the corner of their desks and just use the keyboard to run through their reviews, they could get through more questions in less time. We had put off keyboard shortcuts because we've been spending most of our time engineering a brand new Gunner, but a few weeks ago it began to feel like we were being selfish, neglecting you guys and working only on tomorrow's news and ignoring today's. So we decided to roll out the shortcuts for our current users as well. And since fast keyboard shortcuts don't make much sense if you still have to wait a few seconds for your browser to fetch the next question from our server every time you submit your recall level, we revamped the way that works as well. Now we have your next question loaded before you submit the current question so it will appear as soon as you hit enter. No more waiting, just gunning.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A few people wrote in with some issues when we first launched the new quizzing system last week, and to our knowledge all the issues have been addressed and fixed. If you still experience any trouble with the new quizzing system, such as seemingly slow load times for the next question, please make sure you are using an up to date modern browser. The system uses javascript heavily to fetch all the questions and submit your answers in the background, and older or less standards-compliant browsers often have outdated javascript engines that can far be less responsive than their modern or standards-compliant counterparts. We recommend using modern versions of Safari, Chrome, or Firefox for the best experience with Gunner (and every other site on the internet).

Many thanks to all the people that have clamored for this for so long and to those of you that wrote in last week about some of the problems you were having early on. I'm excited about the new quiz system and think you'll enjoy not having your soul drained by mindlessly waiting for the next question to load anymore. Cheers and happy quizzing!

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