It's the End of Back to School at Firecracker

Posted by Emily Baillieul on Sep 28, 2017 4:21:29 PM

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We're wrapping up our annual Back to School sale, for new students Firecracker is $300 for 2 years through Saturday at 8 p.m.

If you join now - this is what's on the immediate horizon for Firecracker. Coming to Firecracker in October:

  • Sketchy Pharm Companion Content Module - First up, our major content update. Earlier this month we launched a complete companion module for all of Sketchy Micro. Coming mid-October, the same thing for Sketchy Pharm. Yay!
  • Daily Patient Case Get Ahead Tasks - Each day, we assign you a single Daily Patient Case to test your ability to apply your foundational knowledge to board-style clinical vignettes. Next week, you’ll be able to do as many of these as you’d like each day, ensuring you get comfortable with board questions as quickly as possible.
  • Reddit-Style Voting on External Resources - We recently added major functionality to Firecracker which allows us to dynamically pull and align external resources (such as videos and PubMed articles) with every Firecracker concept. Now, we’re making it possible for you to improve this feature by adding up/down votes to each resource, ensuring we’re always surfacing the best ones, as voted by Firecracker students.
  • Post Daily Review Task Re-Review - Shout out to our buddy Jeremy B. for requesting this one. After completing your Daily Review Tasks in Firecracker, you’ll soon have the ability to choose specific questions to re-review, such as from specific priority levels (i.e. Urgent, Current, or Past) or based on how you rated them during the first session.
  • Shared Topic Marks within Study Groups - Up until now, Study Groups probably seemed a little… pointless. But starting in October, we’ll be rolling out a ton of new features to really bring your Study Groups to life. First: the ability to track which topics your peers are marking and copy those marks into your own Firecracker experience.
  • Better Progress Tracking in Study Something Specific - Currently in Study Something Specific, you can review the number and percentage of topics you’ve marked, flashcards you’ve reviewed, and clinical vignettes you’ve answered. Coming soon, you’ll now be able to see even more progress stats, including the amount of content which is at risk of being forgotten from each of your content modules.

And remember, Firecracker has 3 years of data showing regular Firecracker use can raise Step 1 scores by 16 points. Prices are going up because we've added a ton of stuff to the platform in the past year, from Clerkships to High Yield to SketchMicro and Pathoma companions. 

Good luck with the rest of the school year!

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