How Your Feedback Helps Us Improve Our Content

Posted by on Nov 10, 2013 10:33:19 AM

Hi Firecrackers,

With your help and feedback, we continue to make daily improvement to our content. Over the last three weeks alone, our team has addressed your concerns and feedback on 184 topics, 272 multiple choice questions, and 767 direct recall questions.

We use our star-rating system to prioritize our content improvement efforts. Whenever a topic or question receives low marks from our beloved Firecrackers, our editors examine the content you've suggested we revise. And we very much appreciate any written feedback you include along with your ratings, as this helps us address any quality issues faster.

We also love to know when you think a topic or question is good, and why you think it good! This helps us understand what you consider a helpful topic or question. We greatly appreciate the time you take to give us this critical feedback.

We have recently expanded our content team and we are in the process of recruiting even more authors and editors. So please keep the ratings and feedback coming! And please apply if you'd like to join our team!

Happy studying, and as always, thanks for being a Firecracker.

- The Firecracker Pyrotechnicians

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