A History of Gunner Training, Part 3

Posted by chat@firecracker.me on Jun 10, 2009 4:35:06 AM
Choosing what content to include and test was arguably the most subjective, critical, and important task of Gunner Training's development. The template we chose to emulate was the University of Michigan Medical School, where our founder trained.
Because our template matched an academic curriculum, Gunner Training could be used over the course of 2 years. This would maximize retention since material learned early on wouldn't be forgotten.
From there on out, it was simply a matter of authoring flashcards and questions. We used dozens of sources, both online and off, to ensure that our review material was completely up to date. We also included hundreds of images, making GT the most richly illustrated Step 1 resource on the market.
Writing 6,000+ Step 1 practice questions was the most time consuming portion. To simulate the exam, we wrote multiple-part (vignette) questions, and as much as possible, we wrote multiple-step questions that require several correct deductions in order to arrive at the correct answer. Answer choices were designed to be closely related and confusing, reflecting the exam experience. In line with what we experienced during the actual exam, we avoided buzzwords, eponyms, and "classic presentations."
With the content done, it was time for beta testing, and then....launch!

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