Gunner Users are Killing Step 1

Posted by Ben Williams on Jul 14, 2011 10:02:05 AM

It's July. New interns are trying to figure out how the whole night float thing works, new fourth years are either working hard in away rotations or enjoying some well earned downtime during 'soft' rotations, and third years are getting the hang of the wards as their Step 1 scores come trickling in. It's this last bit that gets us really excited at Gunner, because this is when a lot of you share your Step 1 stories with us and let us know how GT worked for you. The numbers that we've been seeing lately are the highest yet. Just yesterday, within a single hour, I got emails from two users with scores of 255 and 269:

I'm pretty freaking excited! I got a 255/99. I started GT in Oct. and tried to cover things as we went over them in class. I also covered flashcards from 1st year stuff. I had about 97% of the flashcards done before I took the test. I also think GT helped me in my second year classes. I ended up with a 730 on the path shelf and a 660 on the micro shelf, and I know that I wouldn't have covered at least 20% of the shelf material during class. I definitely recommended GT to all my classmates and will also let Student Affairs know now that I have my score back.

Just checked my board score before lunch... 269. I am so F***** happy and I owe you guys a TON. I was always a fan (being a 1.5 year user) but I have the ultimate proof that what you guys are working on is the BEST possible study tool. No question. None.

You guys are absolutely killing it! This makes us so happy at Gunner, and it really helps us determine how to make our product better and better. I'm inviting all of you to share your Step 1 experiences with us, let us know what worked for you, what didn't, and what you'd like to see different as we roll out new products (like Step 2, which is in the pipeline). Email us at, we'd love to hear how it went!

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