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Posted by on Jun 7, 2009 2:42:46 PM

Here at Gunner Training, we are data geeks. And as such, we set up our databases for performance analysis. At the request of B.W., one of our users, we cranked out some data to show just how effective our approach is. The results might surprise you.

Since launch, our users have generated more than 55,000 spaced learning data points. This first chart shows the distribution of recall scores vs. the number of spaced learning reviews. It shows a steady progression towards higher scores as our users do more reviews.

What's startling about this is that even during the first, immediate review, 42% of the recall scores are 3 or lower. Think about that. Without continued, persistent review over time, this number can only go up, which is one reason Step 1 is challenging.

Two other nice features of this chart are the steady increase in scores of 5, and the steady decrease in scores of 1. While the percent change might not seem that great, remember that Step 1 scores take place within a bell shifting even 5% up on a bell curve represents a massive improvement. After four reviews, our users demonstrate a 13% increase in scores of 5.

This second chart takes the same data, but simply lumps it together into Recalled or Not Recalled. It's a little more representative of "real world" conditions in that during the exam, either you remember it or you don't. Here, we see a 10% increase in Percent Recalled between the 1st review and the 4th review. Imagine getting 10% more questions correct on Step 1.

Bottom line: Gunner Training works, and it works darned well.

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